Friday, July 18, 2008

The Fool Says There Is No God (Psalm 14.1)

For a fools view of epistemology, see

Before you watch, here is a quip about it... lest you are an atheist and begin to build a straw man argument, or a Christian and get blind sided by the straw man builder...

Of course we know that Robespierre was not an atheist (he was a deist, however, which I consider practical atheism), but here’s the rub: the video never claims that he was. That so many of these responders have thought it important to point out to me that Robespierre was no atheist shows me that a large number of atheist enthusiasts don’t listen very closely at all, and are apparently unable to follow a simple logical argument. Oblivious! Rather, they impute something to us that we never claimed in order to pretend they have “answered” us. This is the classic “straw man” fallacy: presenting a weak caricature of your opponent’s argument, as if it were the real thing, and then knocking down the caricature pretending you have defeated your opponent.

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