Saturday, April 25, 2009

Wisdom, Not Legalism

We have been chewing on “Wisdom.” More specifically the idea of wisdom guiding us between the rocks of one set of “black and whites” and another set of “black and whites” which sometimes seem to oppose each other. If we take one set without regard to another set, our “ship” shall be dashed upon the rocks. Wisdom deals with the grayer areas in between.

This is good for us, primarily because once the foundations have been laid (worldview which builds upon the words of Jesus), we must press on to building. It is like saying, “ok, we have dealt with death at the cross, now how do we deal with life in light of the cross…” This will at times get sticky, and take humility and maturity to walk out… but walk it out we must! This also flies in the face of contemporary PC. It offends people. It doesn’t line up perfectly all the time. We must be mature enough, and humble enough to work through Scripture with great joy. Instead of “dumbing down” to an un-offensive standard, we want to get at God’s heart on the matter using ALL the Word.

(Wilson illistrates what that looks like here.)

The following is from David Terry,
"God giving us his law, was an act of grace to us too! Everything God does interacting with man is always a form of his grace. We were under the Law. But no man was ever called to live “under” the law as we prisoners of modernity think of it. It was more like being under the shelter of Gods wing, the call was to live “in it” in submission to God, that ye might have life. for more:

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