Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Obama, Socialism, Public School, and Marxism

The fact that Obama will not admit that his political strategy is socialistic is telling. Why is Barak afraid to admit that redistribution of the wealth is the economics of Marxism. That socialism is the economics of communism is plane to see for anyone who can google "Communist Manifesto." Surprisingly, Obama will not admit this is his idea of a good government.

More surprising is the American lack of understanding. I wonder if Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, and Rush Limbaugh are getting frustrated yet. They have not asked for my input... I do not think they will either. But in my humble opinion, they ought to be nailing the worldview and education issue.

The contemporary worldview is humanism. It is ingrained into the heads of all public school students. The fruit of humanism is socialism. All the conservatives who I love to listen to should be hitting this one daily! The crises is one of worldview. Obama is consistently Marxist in his ideology. I do not know why he is afraid to admit the obvious. What is wrong with being Marxist? Most university students and professors do not even seem to mind admitting it anymore.

The Humanist worldview:
  • Short-term (decisions are pragmatic, or utilitarian: "What works for right now" determines what is right)
  • Individual (what is right is determined by each individual)
  • Consumer (each individual fights for personal rights)
This worldview produces ideologies like "I just want to take your money, Joe Plumber, and give it to others who do not have what you have."

This worldview judges people. Humanists hate truth. They say, "Capitalists are selfish... If you do not want the government to take your wealth and give it away, then you are bad, bad, selfish." They judge people, and hate those who will not agree with their humanism. The homosexual humanist hates the Christian, and judges him most severely. He hates anyone who will not affirm HIS beliefs. His thinking is irrational. Humanism is irrational.

But Christians, and conservatives still send their children to public schools. They continue to produce irrational children taught to think irrational thoughts like: redistributing the wealth is good... it cares about people... and anyone who disagrees must be a judgmental, selfish person.

Glenn, Shawn, Rush, and Christians especially... if you want to hit the target, expose the source. Public Schools teach humanism. The public school is involved in faith based education... the faith of relativism, humanism, socialism, atheism. All education is under girded by presuppositions. Public / Government schools presuppose that God is irrelevant. Yesterday's students are today's liberals. They have bought the lie that you can have education void of political biases. All education has a bias. All facts will be viewed from some set of predetermined lenses.

In short, public schools teach facts about the world (science, economics, sociology, etc) and tell students that they can form their own definitions, propositions, and arguments about these facts. THIS IS A RELIGIOUS BELIEF. To teach students that God is irrelevant in the interpretation of facts concerning life IS a religion. Whether you call this religion atheism, socialism, agnosticism, materialism, etc., they all are a result of a humanism worldview. Humanism is, "Man determines what is right." The opposite is Theism which says, "God determines what is right."

Christians should have consulted the Bible (Deuteronomy 6.4-10) and never sent their children to the public schools of humanism. Conservatives should recognize (as the homosexuals do) that the source to changing worldviews is teaching the children...

For further explanation on the absolute bankruptcy of socialistic economic policy, see Gina Cobb here:

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