Thursday, November 6, 2008

Senate Bill 08-200

I don't know what surprises me more: Homosexuals getting away with banning the bible in Colorado and outlawing boys / girls bathrooms, or Christians NOT believing that it was actually happening.

I talked to a precious loved one. I told her about Colorado's recent ban on the bible. She merely said, "No... I don't believe that... they can't do that..." It was similar to me cocking my head like a dog the first time I tried to comprehend partial birth abortion.

It is insanity to call the murder of a child "legal abortion" as long as the head is still in the birth canal when you kill the baby. If you move the baby 1 inch out of the birth canal, the doctor goes to jail as a murderer. It is insanity to make laws which allow boys to enter into girls restrooms. Humanism leads to insanity.

The specific part of this bill in qustion (SECTION 4: 24-34-601: Discrimination in places of public accommodation). It can be found on pages 7-8 at the following link.

Some will say that this bill does no such thing. The fallacy here is that quite honestly, he who defines the terms of the argument wins. When you take this bill to court, it will depend upon the interpreters of this bill (judges). If you have a liberal homosexual judge reading this bill, what definitions do you think that he will give to this bill?

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