Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Conservatives, Libertarians, and Seceding From the Union

I copied this off a blogger's comments. He is an example of what the libertarians will not get, and what the Christians will not speak up about.

What I’m really interested in is how to get from where I am to Liberty, and I will gladly join up with other Americans who are willing to submerge all their differences and create an organization that has one and only one aim: LIBERTY. That means Liberty for me, for you, and for everyone else. That includes people we disagree with on all sorts of issues. If we understand that Liberty means that you choose your own governance and I choose mine, exclusive of interfering with one another violently, then we can unite under this one banner: LIBERTY.

While the Libertarians climb in bed with all sorts of flea-bitten ideologues, Christians will continue to put a bushel over their lamps (Matthew 5.15). Libertarians are fond of the founding fathers of the American Republic, but, they are not particularly concerned about the source of our fore father's ideas... namely the bible. It will be interesting to watch libertarians try to come together when the major tenet of their system is: Smaller Government brings liberty. For Neo-Libertarians (Yes, my term for the contemporary Libertarian, Ron Paul types) this major tenet still springs from the same well that the socialist tenets flow from... humanism. Humanism (man can decide for himself what is right and wrong) is no foundation for moving forward. Although the founding fathers were a mixed bag of Christians, and deists, they had a common source that they used for their foundation... The Bible

It is interesting to listen to a libertarian talk. He says the same things that a pagan would say (NO, I am not saying that he is satanic... hear me out). A major tenet of the Pagan is "Do whatever you want, as long as you don't hurt anyone else." The major tenet of the Neo-Libertarian is, Liberty for all to do as they want as long as they don't hurt anyone else. This sounds good, but has no foundation. The founders of our nation built their case for liberty based upon the immutable truth of God's Word. The neo-libertines base their opinion for liberty on man's reason... a sure foundation for failure. They come about their propositions for small government the same way the liberals come about their propositions for big government... the humanistic sand box of "My opinion is..." On the contrary, The founding fathers built their defense of liberty from the perspective of "God's opinion is..."

I predict that soon there will be some rumblings for some state (or many) to secede from the union. See here for Oklahomo's version: See Iowa's at bottom.

If that ever happens, you will have pot smoking libertines dancing with conservative right wing Christian Humanists. But the moment the Christian says, "Hey, we should have prayer in school," the homosexual libertarian will say, "NO, Absolutely not!" All will be coming from the same worldview of humanism. All will be building their argument from the same premise: Big government is bad because big government limits your personal freedoms. What you do in private is your business as long as you don't hurt nobody. Therefore, government should be small and limited so that people can be free to do as they please.

This argument sounds good. Christians will jump on board. But the argument is built upon the sandy foundation of humanism... it won't work. There must be a unified guiding principle base for ALL to agree to. The Founders agreed upon the Bible... not the Mormon bible, or the Jehova's Witness bible... but the Orthodox Christian (and particularly reformed Geneva, or KJV Bible). No Bible, no common standard. No common standard, no personal restraint. No personal restraint, no liberty. Liberty cannot exist where there is no common standard. The Christian Libertarian in his newly seceded state will still proclaim homosexuality to be sinful. When that happens, the Homosexual libertarian will not be content to "keep his private actions in the closet."

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