Monday, October 13, 2008

Are There Qualified Women?

My son is preparing for marriage. He has a vision for living for the King and the Kingdom. Does Grandma think he has lost his mind? Yes... well, she probably agrees with some of you. He is 14 years old.

Admittedly, we are not taking a passive stance on this issue. It is God's design for man to "take dominion of the earth." It is God's design for man to "be fruitful and multiply." If you think 14 years old is to young, you would really hate our dinner conversations. I am training my 5 week old to be a man, and get ready to take a wife. Be responsible and productive. Get ready NOW to take a wife and have children. Teach them to love Jesus, and be so productive that they can bless the poor and needy. Your life has meaning and purpose! Reject Americana Adolescent "sow your oats of humanism" garbage.

I want my precious children to know what life is REALLY about. I want my future generations to have a vision and passion for life which far outweighs the shallow Americana Churchianity Culture (John 10.10). I say to my 5 week old, "Two Kingdoms are at war. Be a man. Fight the battle. Have children, disciple them, and become mighty in the land (Psalm 127.5; Psalm 112.2)!" I talk to him like this, in hopes that I will continue to impress God's truth upon him every day of his life (Deuteronomy 6.4-10).

Ok... Rob, go decalf, right? NO! And again, I say "NO!" (well, it might be good for me to go decalf). But, Life is short (1 Peter 1.24). Reject passivity (Ephesians 6.11-18). Get a vision. Live with passion!

Therefore, as I pray, and look out at the landscape to find that woman whose price is "far above rubies," I am looking for...

  1. A woman In covenant with God (Gen. 18.18; 2 Cor. 6.14; Matthew 26.28)
  2. A woman with a vision for fulfilling her God ordained role as a helper to a man who takes dominion of the earth (Genesis 1.26-28)
  3. A woman with a vision for multigenerational faithfulness (Gen. 18.18; Psalm 78.1-7)
  4. A woman with a desire to bear children. (Gen. 1.2; 1 Timothy 2.15; 5.14; )
  5. A woman with a commitment to disciple (home school) her children (Deut 6.4-10; Proverb 1.8; 6.20; 31.1)
  6. A woman with an understanding of biblical submission (1 Timothy 2.9-11; Ephesians 5.22; 1 Peter 3.1)
  7. A woman with an understanding of biblical beauty (1 Timothy 2.9-10; 1 Peter 3.1-6)
  8. A woman with the practical skills and character to be a homemaker (Titus 2.5)
  9. A woman with a passion for industry, production, and generosity (Proverb 31)

If you are a dad who is not sitting back thinking things are just "going to happen," I am praying for you, and taking resumes.... ;)

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Gabriel Hudelson said...

AMEN! I love you, and am glad to have you for a father. I rejoice to know that, LORD willing, you will be here to help me choose a wife.