Sunday, October 19, 2008

Democrats, Republicans, Bailouts... What Can I Do?

I know that I am not the only one who wants to scream when they read the headlines. It is as if the common man is the whipping boy for all the government's stupidity... and then they blame Joe The Plumber! I want to gather the troops for the big march on Washington to tell the crooked Mr. Potters in Washington, "NO, We don't want to bail out crooked thieves... I mean YOU Guys..."

But, alas... the false prophet Joel O'steen has arrived with his message of faith and hope. Surely he will refocus us on ourselves. I am starting to feel warm and fuzzy all over. But then, I feel the cold slimy hand of Mr. Potter shaking my hand, trying to make a deal with me, and I say, "NO... NO... !" I will NOT deal with the Devil.

Therefore, I did do something! I went to war! I started firing my cannons into the darkness at the enemy. I had family worship! But wait, there's more... I didn't just do family worship with our family alone. No... I wanted to increase the troops. We gathered and did family worship with 2 other families! Together, we watched REAL history about Jamestown. We all gathered in the living room and listened to Doug Philips combat revisionist history with more factual history.

I didn't have combat boots on. I wasn't holding an M-16 in my hand... actually, I was holding the remote control. I was holding that most important piece of military equipment NOT because I am a guy! Rather, because I wanted to stop, and drill the FACTS into my little warriors. It's kind of like our personalized bombs that we dropped during Operation Desert Storm. We'd write on them things like, "Greetings from America." Obviously, no one would read them. It was the personal satisfaction of knowing you were bombing the enemy (Now, Now... I am NOT advocating getting satisfaction out of bombing Iraq!). I am advocating getting satisfaction out of sending Nuclear Missiles into the future to fight the spiritual battle claiming the crown rights of Christ!

Lord willing, my great grandson will go to Jamestown one day. When the tour guide speaks revisionist history to my future progeny, by God's grace, he will refute him with facts which will drop like ICBM's from the past. On the side of those bombs, it will say, "Greetings humanist... from Legacy Baptist... from Rob Hudelson... from family worship 2008!"

I do not have the audience of thousands (that is only in my mind... delusions of grandeur). My voice is small. BUT... By God's grace, we do battle with passion and zeal! WE DO FAMILY WORSHIP! Can you here the Gladiator soundtrack in the background??? The music is rising to a great crescendo... the family has mounted their horses... we are converging upon the living room with swords in hand!!!! We sing praises to the King. We throw ourselves at the enemy! With reckless abandon we will spend the next hour with daddy preaching & teaching until he sweats! I will pound my chest, extend my arm with sword in hand, and say to the troops... "For the King and the Kingdom!!!!"

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Anonymous said...

I wish more fathers would train their kids with the same zeal.