Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Economics, Ideologies, and ACORN

Ah... you have to love watching man's reasoning fall apart. "Why do the nations rage..." (Psalm 2). They do not think to themselves, "We hate God." But the truth is... they do. All men must choose. Will you follow God, or despise God. The economics of man will ALWAYS fail because God has given us insights into what system of economics WILL work. However, that system will not cure man's sinful greed, which will always reek havoc on any system of economics.

No, we may not find a step-by-step cook book approach addressing every particular issue of American economic policy. But we will always find guiding principles which should guide every area of life... even monetary policy. Oooohhh... this makes people rage! "We don't want to have to submit to any reasoning beyond ourselves!" To admit that God has something to say about how our economic decisions should be made is over-the-top... even if "In God We Trust" IS etched over the top of the Speaker's Rostrum in the House of Representatives.

God gave man private property, and responsibility to produce from that property. God then said that is sinful to steal. God also reserved the right to make some men rich, and others poor (Proverb 22.2). Along comes man, and says, "That is not just! It is not right for God to make some rich, and others poor!" Yes, man in his infinate wisdom stood in judgement of God. This worldview is called humanism. It is the root of Socialism, Marxism, Communism, and Barak Obaminism.

While capitalism as we know it may have many problems (especially since man's greed is envolved) it aligns itself with the private property, and personally responsibility principles that we find in God's Word. Therefore, the liberal ideology of "Every one should own his own home" reveals their faith. "Should" reveals a faith presupposition. Does the Bible say that every one "Should" own their own home? If you say that the Bible does, then at least we agree that the Bible is the standard. Then we agree that "Thou shalt not steal" also applies. Therefore, stealing from the rich to give to the poor is sinful.

The problem is that man wants to decide what is right and what is wrong. The Humanist wants to declare that all men should have equal bennies, and stealing is ok, as long as it benefits ME. The government indoctrinates humanism into the children through public schooling. The student grows up believing truth is relative and everyone gets to decide what is right and wrong. Eventually the absolute stupidity of that kind of thinking produces an economic crises. When the putrid ideology of humanistic economics finally comes home to roost, and the children have no food on the table, they will again rail at God, and the rich, and the capitalist, etc. This is why ACORN will force their religion on everyone possible. When the fruit of their humanistic philosophies is harvested, ecomomic crises will be the result. Should it surprise anyone that ACORN would be involved in voter fraud? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TkZrMpv0Pss&feature=related. As far as I know, they do not claim to be adherents to a biblical worldview. If this is true, then they also do not claim to have an absolute standard for honesty. Oh, by the way, did I mention that Barack Obama used to be ACORN's lawyer, and top trainer. He spoke at their national convention last year, etc...

All of our ideologies, and philosophies are rooted in one of two systems. They WILL HAVE ROOTS IN EITHER A BIBLICAL WORLDVIEW, OR A MAN-CENTERED WORLDVIEW. In a biblical worldview, God reserves the right to make some people poor, and some rich. In a humanistic worldview, man declares that God is unjust if He doesn't make everything "fair." Oh... by the way... if we all got what was "fair..." we would all be perishing in hell...

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