Friday, October 10, 2008

Irrational Argument for Pragmatic Voting

Christian Humanists do not look to the Word to find qualifications for voting. They look to circumstances, and their own judgment. They counsel within themselves. That is why they confront me with my sin of voting third party. Their argument is:

A vote for third party is a vote for Obama
A vote for Obama is sin
Therefore, a vote for third party is sin

Hmm… Why is a vote for Obama sin? To which the humanist says, “Obama is pro abortion… and that is sinful.” When pressed, they FINALLY say, “the Bible says you shouldn’t murder.” At that point I want to say, “So the Bible is our standard?” Notice, however, the Bible did not come up in their argument. Their argument reveals the TRUE motive… namely one of pragmatism. McCain’s biblical qualifications never seem to come up until I bring it up! Then the defenses kick in… “Oh,” they say, “I feel McCain is biblically qualified.” NO… I don’t think you do… You already gave away your argument… You are voting for McCain, NOT because he is biblically qualified, but because Obama is NOT qualified by YOUR standards. That is like saying, I am voting for this lesbian because at least she is not an ax-murdering lesbian.

To place biblical standards on one of the candidates, but not the other, is hypocritical. Truth is, McCain doesn’t smite my Americana senses like Obama does… but what about God’s senses? Shall we not refuse our own humanistic standards, and ask God for HIS standard? If you think McCain is biblically qualified, then vote for him. (I would hate to be in your shoes trying to justify it, but that is between you and the Lord… I won’t love you any less… I have enough of my own sin to worry about). And if that is your point of view, it should not bother you that others find him unqualified and are voting for a 3rd party candidate.

The argument should be “Is this guy qualified? What are the biblical qualifications?”

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