Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Church In Sync

The American church has become the whipping boy. Pagan belief prevails, and Barak sits on the throne. Why? It is NOT because the world has been so successful. It is not because they offer better answers. Can we not learn from biblical history, let alone, European history, and American history? Nope… we never learn. Judgment starts in the house of God (1 Peter 4.17).

In what ways is your household different than that of the humanistic environment of the day? How is the culture of your home any different than any moral pagan that you know? Our art, music, fast food, little league, church clubs, etc. are in sync with the world. Syncretism is “[the] reconciliation of different beliefs” (Latin root), or “union of communities” (Greek root). In short, syncretism is to look just like the world. The church adapts their philosophies of life and sprinkles some “Jesus” sugar on it. The church then becomes absolutely irrelevant (Matthew 5.13).

Look at the culture of your home. Dare I say, Dads, look at what your daughter is wearing? How is her clothing any different than her pagan friends? The fact that you cry, “Legalist!” illustrates my point. Does God speak to clothing issues? Should she be looking the same, speaking the same, acting the same, going to the same places? If that is not syncretism, you will have to tell me what is. Is it only when she begins having sex that we will admit, “Ok, the world has influenced her.” She has had a worldview that arises out of 17 magazine and we thought nothing of it… all we can think of is… “Don’t be a legalist…” How sad! The Midianites (the Atheists of today’s public schools) say, “get up in them hills, Christians!” We don’t want your silly Christian shows. Why have a Christian substitute try to imitate the world, when our artists do it better. You have nothing for us. Just be quiet.” (Judges 6.1-2)

Dads, repent of being caught up in a culture of vanity. Who cares if the Cardinals are in the super bowl! Why do you blame your child’s lack of spirituality on God? Look around you and take responsibility for their spiritual training! There are no guarantees concerning the salvation of our children. But, if they reject Christ, may it not be because we did not exhaust every resource possible to pass on the covenant of Christ to them.

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