Friday, March 20, 2009

Why Family Culture Must Be Long Term (Multigenerational)

As a youth minister is seemed the focus was upon getting teens "saved." I should have stepped back and asked, "What does the Word say?"

The Bible clearly outlines that the covenant with God is passed on multigenerationally, and through families (Genesis 18.18-19). Fathers must lead. If dad is not on deck (The captain of the ship), he is teaching and training irresponsibility. He is breading rebellion against God's commands. He cannot hope to send his child to the pagan schools of humanism, and then to a "fun" youth minister and expect anything less than to raise a secular humanist.

Judges 2.10 speaks of a generation in this situation. After God had commanded them to set up memorial stones to remind their children of God's miraculous deliverances, there arose a generation who did not know the Lord. If they failed, in an era without little league, Internet, x-box, etc. etc. how much more intentional should we be?

If the culture (sights, sounds, smells, art work, conversations) of your house is not tied to the excellencies of Christ, it WILL be tied to the shallowness (or perversity) of the prevailing culture of the day.

We study history by digging up art, artifacts, manuscript fragments, etc. If they were to dig up your house 300 years from now to find out about the culture of your house... our your face book page, what would they discover?

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