Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Articles of Decla – What?

Unfortunately, after all my schooling I was left repeating my brainless mentor’s phrases who had gone before me. Since I was a member of the Fast Times at Ridgemont High society, I did exactly what the United States of Americana Socialist Republic wanted me to do! I burned up my brain cells learning wisdom from the lunacy screen. It was like holding your breath until you passed out, and we thought it was fun. The monetary price of watching such mind numbing movies is not near what it will cost you in stupidity… just ask everyone who watched Napoleon Dynamite… better yet, don’t bother. They would be the ones saying, right now, “Dude, what’s his beef against Napoleon… that was so awesome, man!!!” Ask them when the Articles of Confederation were written, and you would get the same blank stare that my governmentally brain washed face would give you.

The point is humanism and socialism want to cut us off from our past! They major on the trivial and worthless hoping to lure any unsuspecting victim into mindless dribble called amusement (literally: to “not think”). So we have squandered our inheritance which was bought for us in blood, literally. And what was the price? What have we gained? Our fore fathers died so that we could… what? Fritter away time, and liberty picking our noses in the corner like some little spoiled brat screaming, “Give me more!” “I want my MTV!” There’s a real winner for you… some real cream of the system’s crop. Hall & Slater recognize this saying, "As educators in Christian schools we need to become aware of the fact that progressive education is not educationally oriented. Progressive education is politically oriented to produce both the philosophy and the character of socialism." Slater, Rosalie J. ; Hall, Verna M.: Teaching and Learning America's Christian History. American Revolution Bicentennial ed. San Francisco : Foundation for American Christian Education, 1975, S. 91

I hear you now. You are one of those from the system. You are angry with my lack of respect for your socialistic worldview. “I was public schooled, and I know all about the Articles of Confederation.” Yes, sir, you may. But you had to swim upstream to learn, and the education you got was most likely half baked. If you look just beneath the surface of that diploma you will find the stamp of government approval. The state has thoroughly stolen years from you and made you think that facts can be interpreted without God. The biggest thing you learned is that God is irrelevant to history. Now, if you want to know the truth, you will have to go read original documents for your self… that may take too much work for an entertained person to do. So, let’s put on another round of stupidity, fuse together some more brain cells, blow another evening in mind numbing activity, and forget about the blood bought Christian American History… We are not worthy of it, anyway.


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I have to repeat what your son said. It is so true, we are unworthy of it. We have forgotten our duty to "Study to show ourselves approved."