Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Supreme Court has spoke, and its voice is the law of the land?

“A worldly or non-Christian philosophy of law is equally expressed by those people who say that the Supreme Court has spoken, and its voice is the law of the land. Whatever the government decrees, that we must do, say they.… Christian governments have no such tyrannical license. They, rather, are limited in their power and can enforce only God’s laws. All modern socialist states, which are established on the proposition that the Father of Jesus Christ is no longer God, have had to repeal the laws based upon the Ten Commandments and erect a tyrannous system whose only consistent threat is that nobody can challenge or question the power of the government. In Soviet Russia, we are told, there is no capital punishment. There is no punishment at all. One is simply eliminated for crimes against “the people” (the Communist Party) In Russia men die for crimes against the state—but not for crimes against God. “The socialist system has reverted to the most degenerate of all the forms of ancient paganism, recalling Israel’s bondage in Egypt and the savagery of Carthage. The American flyer, Francis Powers, whose trial was a vast propaganda move to establish the socialist principle of human law, was not tried as a military agent of an enemy power but as a criminal. Spying was not treated as the act of war which it is, thus deserving whatever penalty the warring power deems fit, but as a crime. The meaning of that trial was that the world was informed of the new pattern of law to be imposed upon it: that crime is an offense against world government—not against God.” Slater, Rosalie J. ; Hall, Verna M.: Teaching and Learning America's Christian History. American Revolution Bicentennial ed. San Francisco : Foundation for American Christian Education, 1975, S. 103

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