Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Principium Imprimis -- First Principles

The Patriot Post is a newsletter that contains some good information. America was founded upon Christian principles. We have memorial stones that preach to us. Our forefathers left a heritage for us concerning Jesus Christ! To let their blood go down, and their testimony of our Lord be stolen... it is shameful. The Bible is the source of truth. Truth manifested itself within the founding of this nation. Patriot Post is a good secondary source...

Patriot Post: "As a leading national advocate for individual liberty, the restoration of constitutional limits on government and the judiciary, and the promotion of free enterprise, national defense and traditional American values, The Patriot Post abides by the following Statement of Principles as our Credo. We believe that individual liberty and personal responsibility, together with limited government, free enterprise and a stalwart national defense, constitute the foundation of our national heritage. Individual liberty rapidly decays into corruption and anarchy without a meaningful commitment to personal responsibility based on our nation's Christian heritage. Traditional beliefs and values must therefore continue to serve as our touchstone and compass for the rest of the article from Patriot Post" http://patriotpost.us/main/principles.asp

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Anonymous said...

I have been looking for a good conservative articles. Thanks for pointing this out.