Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Biblical Economics

Scripture shows that the greed of man pushes him towards consumption. History reveals the same. Israel debased “watered down” their coinage (Isaiah 1.22). Greece debased their money, Rome debased their money, and the list goes on. It is typical that governments will water down the money supply to pay for the things that it wants (war, welfare, etc.). We are SO typical of nations throughout history… buying things that we cannot afford… selling our children into slavery… consuming the future inheritance. Again, my summary of the Humanistic Worldview is Short-term, Individualistic, Consumers… or (S.I.C.) for short. Our current economic scenario is the result of man’s greed. And our poor politicians have no anchor or compass to give a stable response. They will do what is best to win them votes… take care of the short term (leave it to our kids to pay). What will happen to the value of the dollar when that $70 billion (last estimate I knew) hits main street? Where is it going to come from… thin air, that’s where… The supply of a gazillion dollars injected into the economy will make each dollar worth less. During WWII the German marc had become so inflated that the cost of everything went through the roof. Of coarse, this is mere economic theory which has as many opinions as Baptists do about… anything. But we could learn from history. Time magazine reported, February 9th, 1923 that the German printing presses were pumping out 45 billion marks every day. By November they were pumping out 500 quadrillion a day. A single egg went from .08 marks to 80 billion marks. When you print money out of “thin air” the value will eventually plummet. You cannot rape the ground. And we know that we live in a humanistic society that is adverse to God’s ways.

Therefore… I think it would be wise to start planting a garden! Soon your veggies may well be worth their weight in gold! Lord, please show us how to become producers who are empowered by YOU to make wealth (Deuteronomy 8.18) to pass on an inheritance to our children, for the keeping of the covenant with YOU… that they might KNOW YOU, and be MIGHTY IN THE LAND, putting forth YOUR ways, calling men to repentance and life.

To the King, and the Kingdom!

P.S. I realize that economic theory is just that… theory. Many say that “fiat money” is NOT debasing the monetary supply. However, I would agree with Murray Rothbard, that our Central Banking System which creates fiat money is an inherently immoral system. For his free book download click here. Economist, I am NOT… I readily admit that. But I have not yet heard any good refutations coming from a biblical worldview. Economics may seem dry as dust. We can see how humanism has effected the nation in so many ways. Economics is just another… but it is a big one… For some good Homeschool resources concerning economics from a biblical worldview click here

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Mr. Hudelson
I highly enjoyed this article. Christians do need to become good stewards and use that Biblical worldview for the glory of God. My dad has an article that gives a whole list of verses for different economic situations and the way government should be used in these situations.