Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sarah Palin and Pragmatic Christianity

I come to you today in the spirit of the republican VP hopeful, Sarah Palin … that tigress… the “Barracuda”… the one who takes on corruption and good ol’ boy politics with courage and tenacity! She is the great one who finally brings character and integrity to politics. She means what she says, and says what she means. She has a spine to confront the “Mr. Potters” of the world! In short… she is everything that I would want a male politician to be (I am speaking of standing up against corruption, fraud, deception, etc.) I know very little about her, but the little I have heard and seen raises this thought… A. She does not seem to be concerned about being politically correct… she actually has something to say. B. Why can’t we find any men to do this?

Definition of “Pragmatism.” Testing the validity of all concepts by their practical results. Synonyms include: utilitarian, realistic, logical. (Webster’s New World Dictionary).

For my pragmatic voting brothers, I would think that Mrs. Palin was an excellent choice. It would seem to be a home run by the McCain camp. If our main concern is conservative issues, and winning the debate on abortion, gay marriage, etc… then McCain chose a fire cracker who might actually refuse to sell out. It seems we have a better chance to get a republican in now. Is not this a pragmatic way of thinking…

Sarah Palin will make a great VP (validity of concepts) because we will get a better chance at getting McCain in now (practical results).


Voting for the Constitution party is a vote for Obama (validity of concepts) because you are dividing the Republican party (practical results).


Sarah Palin will make a great VP (validity of concepts) because she will fight hard for those conservative issues (practical results).


Sarah Palin will make a great VP (validity of concepts) because she is the best person for the job (practical results).

I am trying NOT to build a straw man here… I think this would be the outline of pragmatic reasoning for supporting the McCain camp. It recognizes that the Constitution party doesn’t have a chance (barring a miracle). It does not want to waste a vote. The issues of the day are too important (and they are). Therefore, since Sarah has great secular qualifications, it is incumbent upon Christians to save unborn children, and vote Republican.

Is pragmatism inherently sinful? Or, said differently, is it biblical to make a decision based upon a perceived outcome (a vote for an impossible candidate is a vote for Obama. The lesser of two evils is McCain, therefore, I vote for McCain). Really, this is the question… the rest will flow out from this point. If it is perfectly within God’s will to assess the situation and make a decision based upon the perceived outcome, then the fact that she is female, or that her daughter is unwed and pregnant, or that there will be some confusion between her husband submitting to the state and leading his house, is not an issue. She has character, virtue, and right values (just the little bit that I know).

I realized how much the Bible really does not come into play while I was talking to a relative recently. She was excited about McCain’s choice for VP. I knew from prior experience that it would be utterly stupid for me to even ask what the bible said about having women lead the country. Until we are willing to say some things (from the Bible) either qualify or disqualify a potential candidate from office… the fact that she is female is a moot point.

Oh… I better address this one so we don’t waste time with straw men… Yes, Deborah was a female political leader in Israel. But I certainly would not build an exegetical case for female leadership from that text… that’s just plain weak!

Lastly, where are the men? Sarah seems to show more courage than all the politically correct politicians in Washington. Everyone should watch “Mr. Smith goes to Washington.” Men… let us grow a spine! I realize McCain was probably being pragmatic and picked her because of the political chess game… she will get those swing votes… I think it will be funny when she confronts McCain on his own “good ol’ boy” politics if they are working together for 4 years… it may be the longest 4 years of his life! I am all for courageous and strong women (Proverb 31.25). I am just sad that we men have sold out so that a woman has to speak up for us… how pathetic. Men… be men! Control your passions! Read God’s word to your family! Study to show yourselves approved! Lead your family! Lead in the church! And if God puts us there, lead in the arena of politics, for the glory of Christ!

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To the King, and the Kingdom!


Gabriel Hudelson said...

Amen! That was good....

Anonymous said...

The statement becomes even more truer by the minute, if you don't do it yourself, it wont get done. All men need to stand up. Thanks for the encouragement.