Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Culture of Death - Proverb 8.36

Humanism is the worldview of the left. Humanism is the culture of death (Proverb 8.36). The culture of death loves abortion and hates life. The culture of death loves spineless "macho" men who play with big boy toys instead of leading their families. They love self instead of service. The culture of death loves feminism and hates submission. The culture of death worships youth and hates the elderly. The culture of death loves socialism (victims helplessly asking the state to govern them), and hates America / capitalism (every man being morally responsible to act for the good of society). The culture of death loves homosexuality, and hates marriage. The culture of death emanates out from a worldview that excludes moral absolutes. The liberal prefers bondage of state control over exercising control over his own sinful lusts... a despicable concept to the founding fathers of America... which is why the culture of death hates REAL American history. It reminds them of a people who fought for self government... something worth dying for.

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