Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Max Blumenthal - Liberalism's lack of argument

The only thing worse than Max's straw men arguments, and his red herrings is the fact that he successfully gets under the skin of his conservatives that he catches off gaurd. He has nothing to say toward any argument, or as Michelle Malkin notes, "intellectual debate." His worldview can only handle materialistic, socialistic, etc. Therefore, to debate based upon principle is immpossible for him. He is left with ad hominem attacks. Too bad, though. He could become our best ally. If we would respond humbly, intellegently, and patiently, his folly would rise to the surface. It is tough to do in a world where the socialism of the day has successfully dumbed us down to the point where we think in the pathetic patterns of Napolean Dynamite. Work through this video. Outline the REAL issues. Lay out what is really being argued about. Point out for yourself and your children the fallacies that Max uses. He NEVER addresses the real issues. In fact, that does not even seem to be his point. His desire "seems" to be that he merely wants to "smear" the conservatives. Well... he did a good job. We reacted emotionally. Let us learn, and invite him back so that we can respond with Truth instead of emotions. When it comes to Truth, Max's foolish worldview has nothing to stand on. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ByLqJD36F7E